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ECM Academy is a successful international training center and an active participant in ERASMUS+ projects

ECM Academy is the department of education of EXOLAUNCH GmbH (former ECM space technologies GmbH). EXOLAUNCH GmbH , a spin-off of TU Berlin, is now operating as an independent company. In 2014, EXOLAUNCH GmbH received a certificate of distinction from TU Berlin as an excellent start-up:
Certificate of Distinction

Since 2008, ECM Academy's main activity has been organization and conducting of periodic intensive training courses for academic, administrative staff of HEIs and graduate engineers on improving their professional competence incl. teaching techniques, engineering skills, space engineering, robotics, e-commerce/e-government, water management, precision agriculture, GIS technologies, Earth observation, project management, intercultural communication, business planning, internationalization, commercialization of educational and research outcomes and more. In the frames of above projects ECM Academy operates as a conductor of training courses on partnership / networking between HEI and society by establishing entities to strengthen the linkage of the HEIs and Labor Market. In the course of these projects, the project management, engineering, trainings and networking capacity of ECM Academy has been developed, validated and proven efficient.

The company provides and supports international research and education activities. The company develops new mechanism for stimulating the cooperation between universities and enterprises, takes part at European Union educational and research programs as an engineering and management partner and a trainings provider.

For the last ten years ECM Academy has participated in 20 European educational and research projects: 7 TEMPUS projects, 8 Erasmus+ projects, an Erasmus Mundus project and 5 FP7 research projects.

Main departments and services of the company:

  • Trainings service – ECM Academy
  • EU Research and Education projects and management
  • Space engineering, small satellite technics, robotics and launch service

engineering - innovation - energy - materials - transport - internationalization - industry 4.0 - electronics - management...

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