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Feedback from participants of our courses

K. Baktybekov, Head of department, KZ Space Agency, Astana, KZ:

“Applied Space Technologies course offers a good combination of lecture and interactive portion. I liked the fact the instructor did not give us too many “hints” during the exercise—he let us figure it out ourselves, just like in the real-world“

A. Sarsembayeva, Researcher, Brunel University, London, UK:

“The TRIZ course is very well planned and advances very systematically. The course has a methodology that is becoming more complex and ends with creative activities that are really significant from a researcher’s point of view“

V. Fefelov, Lecturer, Оmsk State Technical University, Omsk, RU:

“The research training for PhD students is best if you are in the search of question related to from the start of writing till all the steps required for publishing. This course cleared my mind and helped me to plan my dissertation and gave me necessary skills of how to hold a poster presentation“

Y. Bogomol, Lecturer, KPI, Kiev, UA:

“The course in Material Science is good for engineers trying to diversify and learn about the basics of material science. It illustrated many fundamental and important concepts of the material engineering as well as its tendencies, perspectives such as smart materials“

K. Tuchmeneva, Lecturer, National Mining University, Dnepropetrovsk, UA:

“Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a useful course for all technical specialists. This way I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge; practical seminars made it easy to solve the problems faster. I earned a great deal about the subject“

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