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Applied Space Technologies

Improve your skills in space technologies!

The training ensures improvement of skills in the field of space technologies and provides methods of application of the present space observations to examples of the best European practices. The course represents a combination of theoretical knowledge provided in lectures and practical exercise based on the usage of extablished infrustructure supported by technology transfer for the participants.

Training Contents

  • Satellite mission: design and cost planning
  • Hardware design of data handling system, micro-controlling programming
  • Informatics and wireless data transmission for nano-satellite applications
  • Basic concepts of remote sensing devices
  • Cubesat structure design, CAD-workshop
  • Earth observation by means of Radar Imagery
  • SAR Interferometry and Differential SAR Interderometry
  • Introduction to principles of Imaging Spectroscopy
  • Celestian mechanics for space mission engineering
  • Electronic design and assembly of space systems
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