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Industry 4.0

When the real world production and information technology come into play

Industry 4.0 combines the real world of production with the virtual world of information and communication technology where processes are supplemented and optimized by the digital world. In order to establish Industry 4.0 in a company, the trainings and qualifications of its skilled workers must be adapted to meet new requirements of this interdisciplinary approach.

Training Contents

  • Impact of Industry 4.0. Its challenges toward traditional industries. Future outlook
  • Internet of things, big data, machine learning
  • Intelligent and networked production system
  • Factories of the future. Artificial intelligence and manufacturing
  • Smart information systems
  • Robotics for dynamically evolving environments. Concept of "learning robots”
  • The function of robot in intelligent manufacturing system
  • Intelligent and networked production system
  • Study visit: BMW production site in Berlin
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