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За последние 10 лет специалисты ECM Academy приняли участие в более 23 европейских образовательных и исследовательских проектах: 7 проектов TEMPUS, 10 проектов Erasmus+, 1 проект Erasmus Mundus и 5 проектов FP7:

Selection results 2020
New Courses in Geospatial Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation of Coastal Ecosystems Will be launched soon 2021-2024
Selection results 2020
European Centre of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics 2020-2024
Selection results 2019
The Development of Doctoral Education and Research Capacities of Kyrgyzstani Academia 2019-2022
Selection results 2019
New study program in space systems and communications engineering 2019-2022
New Curricula in Precision Agriculture Using GIS Technologies and Sensing Data 2018-2021
New and Innovative Courses for Precision Agriculture 2018-2021
Crisis and Risks Engineering for Transport Services 2018-2021
ERASMUS+ "APPLE" Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems 2016-2019
ERASMUS+ "TUTORIAL" STrengthening Network EdUcaTiOn, Research and Innovation in Environmental HeALth in Asia 2016-2019
ERASMUS+ "DOCMEN" Development of two cycle innovative curricula in microelectronic engineering 2015-2018
FP7 "LIGHT-TPS" Super light-weight thermal protection system for space application 2014-2017
FP7 "SEAM" Small Explorer for Advanced Missions 2013-2017
TEMPUS "SESREMO" Strengthening education in space-based remote sensing for monitoring of eco systems 2013-2016
TEMPUS "MMATENG" Modernization of two cycles (MA,BA) of competence-based curricula in material engineering according to the best experience of Bologna process 2013-2016
TEMPUS "NETCENG" New Model of the Third Cycle in Engineering Education Due to Bologna Process 2013-2016
TEMPUS "ECOMMIS" Two cycle E-Commerce curricula to serve Information Society in RU, UA, IL 2011-2014
FP7 "POPDAT" Problem-oriented Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration 2011-2013
FP7 "MEDEO" Methods and Tools for dual access to the EO databases of the EU and Russia 2011-2012
ERASMUS-MUNDUS "MANECA" Mobility Academic Network between EU and Central Asia 2010-2014
TEMPUS "PROMENG" Practice Oriented Master Programmes in Engineering 2010-2013
FP7 "SEOCA" GEO capacity building initiative in Central Asia 2010-2011
TEMPUS "CRIST" Curricula Reform in Space Technology 2008-2011
TEMPUS "NCR" Neues Curriculum in Raumfahrttechnik 2007-2009

engineering - innovation - energy - materials - transport - internationalization - industry 4.0 - electronics - management...


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